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ABUJA, Nigeria – Jacaranda Casino in Abuja now runs on the ACE Casino Management System. This follows a conversion from another system extending the Jacaranda group’s relationship with the ACE Team since the 2015 opening of the Jacaranda Casino in Lagos.

Jacaranda Casino Abuja is located in the prestigious Sheraton Hotel complex in the heart of Abuja.  The gaming venue offers patrons a vibrant player experience with 40 slots machines and 5 tables including 2 Texas Hold ‘Em tables.

 “When it comes to converting gaming venues from another system to the ACE System, our ACE Heroes are experts.  Every detail is planned with the utmost care and precision to ensure minimal downtime and continuous operation on the front end,”said Cliff Lamberton: Managing Director, ACES.

 “Our first property to run on the ACE System was Jacaranda Casino in Lagos, we have been working with the ACE Heroes since then and are very happy with the service received so far.  The system itself adds great value to our operation including the user friendly interface, ease of reporting and reconciling,” said Bernard Grootherder from Jacaranda Casinos.  

“The ACE Casino Management System is ideal for the African market as it is robust, provides user friendly reporting and combined with the excellent service from the ACE Heroes, it is simple to see why it is one of the biggest gaming system providers in Africa,” said Cliff Lamberton.

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About the ACE System:

The ACE System enables a seamless player experience and streamlined gaming operations through linking and monitoring all slots machines and tables throughout the gaming floor.  This is made possible through its Gaming Floor Server and Casino Table Management System.  Casino promotions can be run across the operation on the ACE System through wide area mysteries or casino jackpot promotions. 

The system is inherently secure through maintaining a cashless environment on the floor.  Players can load credits on their player cards and casino information desks and the player card enables a player tracking system throughout the casino. This can also be linked to a tiered Casino Loyalty System. 

Whether you have a casino operation with 100s of machines, tables and a privé or a street operation with only a handful of machines, the ACE system offers a solution for you.