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The Coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone around the globe like nothing else has before. In particular, our freedom of movement and the opportunities to socialize, attend sporting events, gatherings and personal entertainment in restaurants and casinos. The entertainment sectors have been very hard hit. In the US it is estimated that the loss of direct consumer spending in casinos in three months is over $25 billion. The industry is hurting and it is up to all stakeholders to find solutions to open up. In South Africa the gambling industry contributes over R9 billion to the fiscus annually.

Casino management will have to not only prove to their players but also regulatory bodies that people and personnel entering the property will be safe, and that the facility will be maintained in a manner that will promote a healthy and sanitized environment in which people, under strict rules and regulations, will be able to engage in gambling without being placed at risk of contracting contagions.

We have been hard at work on a number of enhancements to help our customers with automated social distancing and disabling gaming machines for cleaning.

“Empowering our Customers to Provide the Best Possible Gaming Experience.”

Automated Social Distancing and Machine Disabling for Cleaning


Functionality to disable groups of machines which can be enabled using an attendant card. For example operators can electronically disable alternate machines, forcing social distancing or disable all machines that are then only enabled selectively by the floor staff.

With Cleaning enabled, every time that a player cashes out from a machine, the machine will be automatically disabled by the system, and on the panel, the message will flash – “CALL ATTENDANT, NEEDS CLEANING”.