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ACE System

The ACE System is a suite of software modules designed to configure, maintain and manage gaming operations and information of a cashless casino gaming environment. The ACE System provides an interface for both the Tables and Slots Operations while seamlessly running Player Tracking and Loyalty Clubs. Auditing utilities and reports are easily accessible and configurable.


Slots Management (GFS)
  • Real-time transaction monitoring
  • Live Player Tracking
  • Accounting and Reconciliation
  • Seamless Network Connectivity
  • Management and support of Free Play
  • Automated handpays
  • Total Cashless or Coinless solutions available
Tables Management (TMS)
  • Total cashless table management solution replacing paper trails
  • Rated and non-rated monitoring
  • Accounting and reconciliation
  • Seamless network connectivity
  • Player tracking
  • Link all participating machines and the respective jackpot sign.
  • This can be done from back office and does not need to be configured on the floor
  • Enhance your player’s experience
  • Loyalty Clubs, Tiered Membership Levels as well as awards and promotions
  • Track player behaviour and preferences in real time across your entire gaming operation.
Cash Desk & Vault Management
  • Move assets securely throughout the casino operation and  between gaming stations or tables onto player cards
  • Every transaction is encrypted and recorded in real time
Service & Cash Kiosk
  • Allows patrons freedom and confidentiality to manage their gaming experience by uploading credits 
  • Reduce resources of hospitality staff
  • The unit can also be used as a server based gaming and betting station
  • Historic and real-time data analysis customisable across the operation
  • Automate your reports to send daily, weekly or monthly or in real time
  • Reports can be compiled to meet all regulatory requirements

Cashless Gaming Management System

Integrity, authenticity and confidentiality are key to the ACE System. This is achieved by transforming and populating the database with an alphanumeric rendition of the actual monetary value, the result of this process is that all balances are encrypted.  This has enabled our customers to realise better customer and regulatory relationships. Increased security measures can be applied by enforcing members to use PIN numbers.