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Winning Number Display

Live Roulette statistics for your players to make better betting decisions

If you don’t have a Winning Number Display OR you have an old wheel with no sensors, we have you covered with the ACES Winning Number Display!

No need to spend a fortune on a new wheel or on the display system.

The ACES Winning Number Display offers an attractive display of live roulette statistics at a fraction of the cost of a new wheel and current display options.

Simply add the ACES Winning Number Display solution to your existing Roulette wheel

Customisable options to suit your needs and budget:

  • Efficient & affordable controller that supports in-rim and on-rim roulette wheel readers
  • On rim reader available
  • 23 & 29” screen size options OR provide your own screen
  • Single or double sided screen set up
  • Customisable graphics

With the added benefit that the system provided is terminal gaming ready! Easily turning your live game into an electronic table game!

Order NOW and pay before delivery and you will receive your networking equipment, customised graphics and installation for FREE!