Golden Sun Casino Opens | African Computer Equipment Suppliers
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The Golden Sun Casino in probably the business city in Africa, Lagos Nigeria, opened in October. The casino opted to install the full ACE Casino management system across their tables, slots, cashiers and and public relations.

The touch screen Table Management System was installed across all the tables, providing paperless openers, closers, fills and credits as well as real-time player tracking.

Gaming Manager, Mites Putri, commented that “the ACE System has made my life so much easier. I always know what is happening in the casino at anytime giving me time to concentrate on the players.

All training was conducted through ACES online training portal, which offer course bundles for the various job roles in the casino, course of each ACE module and all the webinar recordings.

All course on the ACE training portal are free and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.