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With more and more gaming licenses being issued and competitors popping up on your door steps, are you fighting for players and revenue more than ever?

We have the perfect solution for you to give your players the recognition and reward they deserve!

Incenti-5 is a software suite allowing the management and assessment of promotions and bonus events such as electronic draws, vouchers and games, including Superstakes and Raceday, all linked to promotional budgets. The primary function of the product is to manage guest benefits, track their participation, and ultimately measure the success of a promotion or an event.  Promotions Executive II introduces some advanced customer management, promotion budgeting and financial tracking, stock control of promotional gifts and much more
Incenti-5 consists of the following:

  • Promotions Manager: Runs a standard computer and is used for the configuration and maintenance of promotions, promotional events, budgets, games, guests, groups, junkets, prizes, draws and reports.
  • Promotions Station: A computer Station where staff can register guests, capture comps, issue vouchers, make guest enquiries and print draw tickets.
  • Promotions Kiosk: A customer-facing kiosk allowing them to enter events, view benefits, collect vouchers, register, print draw tickets and enroll in promotions and electronic draws.

and …

Incenti-5 Mobile A kiosk in every players hand! From their very own mobile phone players can use the venue customised Incenti-5 app to login into thier account, check point balances, participate in promotions and draws, print out tickets, receive notifications and lookup jackpots.


A powerful feature of PEII is the ability to plug in new games and features. Games and features can be developed using an open interface to PEII to affect financial, prize stock etc.

  • There are be a number of plug-in games available and custom games can be developed and managed through the same interfaces. Some of the existing games are: • Electronic/Manual Draw • Electronic Tombola • Superstakes • Lucky Number • Raceday and more


Tickets are electronically issued by the system and linked to guests either via their member number, ID or passport, biometrics or simply through a receipt. The draw process is facilitated by the system and the selected number is displayed on an animated screen to create excitement. Electronic draws save printing costs, reduce queues, are cleaner with no disposed losing tickets, secure, accurate and auditable.


The system can be linked to the casino roulette wheels and used in conjunction with the game of roulette to run various bonus games. Lucky Number is a game where 1 or more numbers (0-36) are selected by the random number generator. If the number comes up, the croupier will confirm if there are any players with a bet on that number. A tombola can then be spun for each winner and they receive their prize or each player receives a prize or draw ticket for a later draw. Cash/Chip prizes can also be given away using lucky number. The system will randomly select a winning number and the first table that hits 17 Black gets to play the game. If there are any participants with chips on 17 black, the game is spun for the various cash/chip prizes. Bingo Roulette allows guests to earn or buy bingo cards with either manually selected numbers or issued automatically. When there is a winner all displays updated and the winner notified.