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Poker Conversion Kit

POKER Players just love these old cabinets. You can dress up the games and put them in new cabinets with bigger screens and buttons, but they keep going back to their favourite cabinets.


However, you can’t get spares, you can’t get game upgrades, they don’t support cashless…


At ACE we have solved this problem for you, so you can offer your players the same experience, the same games on the same cabinet.

With our Poker Conversion kit and the Osiros Server Based Gaming Platform you can offer all the favourite poker games on your old poker cabinets, whether they are PE+, V2000 or Lotus Deal cabinets. The conversion kit is made up of the following readily available components:

  • New 15″ Touch Screen LCD
  • New set of buttons
  • Industry Standard Gaming PC
  • Gaming IO board for Buttons and Door Switches
  • Speakers
  • New Belly and Top Glasses

Poker Games

Our Server Based Gaming platform gives you the flexibility offer multiple games on a cabinet and to manage the games on their floor centrally and securely. The platform offers a variety of games for your poker cabinets including poker, keno and bingo.