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Winning Number Display

Live Roulette statistics for your players to make better betting decisions

If you don’t have a Winning Number Display OR you have an old wheel with no sensors, we have you covered with the ACES Winning Number Display!

No need to spend a fortune on a new wheel or on the display system.

The ACES Winning Number Display offers an attractive display of live roulette statistics at a fraction of the cost of a new wheel and current display options.

Simply add the ACES Winning Number Display solution to your existing Roulette wheel

Customisable options to suit your needs and budget:

  • Efficient & affordable controller that supports in-rim and on-rim roulette wheel readers
  • On rim reader available
  • 23 & 29” screen size options OR provide your own screen
  • Single or double sided screen set up
  • Customisable graphics

With the added benefit that the system provided is terminal gaming ready! Easily turning your live game into an electronic table game!