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Casino Marina Beira is the latest in Rank Entertainment Holdings’ stable to convert to the trusted and robust ACE Cashless Gaming Management System.  This conversion forms part of the Casino Marina Group’s decision to run all of their gaming operations on the ACE System. 

Located in the port city of Beira Mozambique, Casino Marina Beira offers 75 slots machines and 24 tables. 

Installed at Casino Marina Beira, the proven and reliable ACE System seamlessly links gaming areas through its robust full scale casino management system including tables management, cashiering and vault management along with cashless gaming, jackpotting and player tracking.  The ACE System enables play to move effortlessly from slots to tables providing a convenient and secure experience for both players and operators – all this while using the ACE System’s loyalty functionality to facilitate Casino Marina’s multi-tier loyalty system.

Ian Walker from Casino Marina Beira said, “We are delighted to have ACE Suppliers and the ACE System on board as our system provider. The ACE System is well established in Africa, with continuous development and support that is top notch.  We look forward to convert our remaining properties to ACE in 2020 as well as open our new projects on the ACE System.  We would like to thank the ACE support team for a very smooth changeover and look forward to working with them on future projects.”

He added, “The ACE System makes sense for our operation at both a group and unit level with its unique and exciting player experience and opportunities to market to our clients.”

“We are proud to support and enable the growth of the Casino Marina Group in Africa.  With almost 30 years on the African continent, the ACE System has been honed to excel in the African gaming space.   The ACE System provides the reliability that a Group such as Casino Marina can trust and build its premium gaming experience on, along with the player insights that foster customer loyalty.  We look forward to working with the Rank Group in future by providing them and their patrons an enjoyable gaming experience only the ACE System can offer,” said Cliff Lamberton, Managing Director of African Casino Equipment Suppliers.

For more information on the ACE System, contact African Computer Equipment Suppliers, exclusive distributors of the ACE System in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands on or +27 11 514 5000. 

About the ACE System:

The ACE System enables a seamless player experience and streamlined gaming operations through linking and monitoring all slots machines and tables throughout the gaming floor. This is made possible through its Gaming Floor Server and Casino Table Management System. Casino promotions can be run across the operation on the ACE System through wide area mysteries or casino jackpot promotions.

The system is inherently secure through maintaining a cashless environment on the floor. Players can load credits on their player cards and casino information desks and the player card enables a player tracking system throughout the casino. This can also be linked to a tiered Casino Loyalty System.

Whether you have a casino operation with 100s of machines, tables and a privé or a street operation with only a handful of machines, the ACE system offers a solution for you.

About African Computer Equipment Suppliers:

Founded in 1991, African Computer Equipment Suppliers (Pty) Ltd known as ACES has grown to become a name of choice in the African and Indian Ocean Island gaming landscape.

Headquartered in the Kyalami Business Park, Midrand, ACES supply the trusted and robust ACE Cashless Gaming System to gaming operators and Central Monitoring System to regulatory authorities.

From turnkey casino projects to specialized systems reporting, the ACES team provides excellent service to casino operators and regulatory authorities alike which has seen ACES become a trusted value add partner to their success.

About Casino Marina:

As part of the Rank Entertainment Holdings Group, the Casino Marina entertainment experience is globally known for its style and sophistication with 6 gaming venues across Africa and Sri Lanka. 

About Rank Entertainment Holdings:

Rank Entertainment Holdings is a leader in providing premium gaming entertainment.   Originating in Sri Lanka over two decades ago the brand Casino Marina has become synonymous with world class gaming entertainment.